if i stay by gayle forman

teen wolf s4
pretty little liars s5;
doctor who s8;

crying over
teen wolf s4;
the maze runner trailer,
damon salvatore,
city of heavenly fire, doctor who

semi-hiatus because of my school. queue is on

waiting for:
tvd s6, tmr, the flash, the mockingjay, ouat s4, the originals s2, the 100 s2

And then Newt’s eyes cleared, as if he’d gained one last trembling gasp of  s a n i t y , and his voice softened.

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Dylan O’Brien when the cast was asked about running in the audition process for The Maze Runner.
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character birthdays according to the teen wolf calendar

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New ‘If I Stay’ stills

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In this moment now, capture it remember it…

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teen wolf alphabet meme | f for friendly fire (internal struggles)

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i won’t be found

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